Prof Varadesh Hiregange


Gandhian Centre for Philosophical Arts and Sciences



Ph (o): 91 820 2922915, 2922921


From Director’s Desk:


World today is passing through a crisis of violence, of every kind – violence connected to region, religion, caste, class, nature, culture, science, gender, economy, ecology, nation and development. Education needs to respond to the rising challenges and hence, Gandhian Centre for Philosophical Arts and Sciences (GCPAS), MAHE is offering its first-of-their-kind post-graduate programmes – MA in Ecosophical Aesthetics and MA in Art and Peace Studies.

In fact, there is a whole gamut of arts, sciences and social sciences which impart meaning to life and hold insight into the resolution of the crisis; philosophical exploration is the basic bedrock of such a search and media play a major role. The GCPAS adopts this kind of an inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach, envisioning a peaceful, just, aesthetic and ecosophically sustainable present and future.