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The modernized era of electronic systems has led to the sophisticated design of semiconductor chips with reduced size and efficient components. The production and fabrication of such semiconductor chips have been a bottleneck for India due to a lack of trained workforce. The Government of India established India Semiconductor Mission (ISM) to close this gap and facilitate India's ascent to prominence as a global electronics design and manufacturing center. In alignment with India's emphasis on the "Make in India" and the growth of the semiconductor sector, this BTech course serves as a valuable resource for students aspiring to excel in electronics hardware and software technologies. The program is in line with the India Semiconductor Mission (ISM), an initiative by the Government of India. This four-year BTech program in Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology) is intended to train engineering graduates in microelectronics devices, VLSI circuits, and systems, which is essential for the electronics chip design and manufacturing industry. In addition to giving students practical experience with top EDA (Electronic Design and Automation) tools, the course aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of semiconductor devices, VLSI circuit design and verification, FPGA design, and the fabrication process.



The BTech in Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology) program prepares engineers to meet the semiconductor industry's needs. The program emphasizes the critical aspects of software and hardware design and development for VLSI applications. This course emphasizes VLSI system design, verification, device modeling, testing and diagnosis of VLSI circuits, semiconductor process technology, VLSI signal processing, analog and mixed signal IC design, along with fundaments of semiconductor devices, FPGA design, fabrication, MEMS, and NEMS. The program aligns with India’s Semiconductor mission to fill the lack of trained workforce in India’s semiconductor industry. The graduates will develop an in-depth understanding of semiconductor devices, VLSI circuit design and verification, FPGA design, and fabrication process, along with hands-on experience with leading EDA (Electronic Design & Automation) tools.


Career prospectus

Graduates with a B.Tech in Electronics Engineering (VLSI design and technology) enjoy a wide range of career opportunities. They are sought after in both core semiconductor and software industries. The extensive career options encompass various domains, such as VLSI front-end and back-end design, fabrication, embedded systems, analog IC and mixed-signal IC design, VLSI testing, software engineering, Embedded systems, and more. Graduates may pursue higher studies in varied fields but not limited to VLSI, Nano Technology, Embedded Systems, etc?

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Apr 22 24

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4 Years (8 semesters).