BA (Hons.) European Languages and Intercultural Studies (BA ELIS)

BA ELIS Overview

BA ELIS is a uniquely designed three-year undergraduate program, with an option to pursue an honours degree in the fourth year of study. It aims to equip students with a high level of foreign language proficiency along with sound intercultural competence. ELIS enables students to graduate in a multidisciplinary academic program embedded within a foreign language even as they are still learning the language. Students not only specialize in French, German, or Spanish, but also develop the cognitive and conceptual tools to employ their language skills in domains spanning linguistics, literature, history, social sciences, and culture studies. The program also?offers a set of foundation courses as common modules that acquaint learners with essential critical skills and holistic knowledge to appreciate language and culture related phenomena from wider European and Indian perspectives. These specially created modules provide important insights into topics such as intellectual histories of Europe, study of Indian languages, cultural representations, and multiculturalism. This prepares participants in the program for a wide range of careers in the academic, corporate, administrative, and non-governmental sectors, to name a few.


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On completion of the BA ELIS program, graduates can:?

  • PO 1: Exhibit knowledge of Europhone societies and cultures with an intermediate-advanced proficiency level in a European language
  • PO 2: Interact with and mediate between interlocutors of European languages in professional and academic contexts.
  • PO 3: Undertake midrange-advanced levels of written translation and oral interpretation in English and a European language.
  • PO 4: Realise a research-based study on a chosen topic & execute a praxis-oriented project in plurilingual contexts via a European language.
  • PO 5: Pursue further studies in a chosen domain at higher levels of studies both in Indian and international universities.



  • PSO 1: Can mediate between European societies and India on topical issues of relevance such as UNSDGs.
  • PSO 2: Can curate a cultural project of international and intercultural dimensions.
  • PSO 3: Can apply knowledge of linguistic and cultural mediation in a chosen domain of interest (literature, education, and cultural diplomacy).

BA FLIS Program Highlights

  • language studies embedded with thematic study clusters traversing intersections with Indian languages and cultures.
  • unique, futuristic courses in bilingual formats enabling learners to synthesize effective solutions to current and emerging issues.
  • learner-centric approach focusing on experiential, project-based pedagogy, in combination with self-paced hybrid modules.
  • opportunities to undertake in-house internships and collaborative projects.
  • choice-based credit system with specialization tracks in literature and media, cultural diplomacy and applied linguistics.
  • scope for international mobility via semester exchange and summer schools in European universities.

Program Duration

Duration of BA ELIS is 3 years (semesters 1-6) with an option to pursue Honours degree in the fourth year (semesters 7 and 8).?

Key Dates & Deadlines


Mar 15 24

Mar ' 24

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