Study In India (SII)

365体育投注--官网直营网站@ Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is proud to participate in the Study In India (SII) initiative of Educational Consultants India Ltd (EdCIL), Ministry of Education, Govt of India (GOI).?365体育投注--官网直营网站@ Applicants eligible & interested to participate under Study In India (SII) MUST?apply on the SII website only


Important Links for 365体育投注--官网直营网站@ Applicants applying through MAHE 365体育投注--官网直营网站@

  1. Apply Online
  2. Programs Offered
  3. 365体育投注--官网直营网站@ Admissions
  4. Eligibility & Admission Process
  5. Fees and Refunds
  6. Scholarships & Financial Aid
  7. Public Advisory
  8. Destination 365体育投注--官网直营网站@ on Social Media:?YouTube,?Instagram


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